— Organic wines —

Near our house is our own vineyard of two hectares on slopes of silty clay.  Since 1989 we are cer-tified as an organic farm by the CCPB srl Institute, www.ccpb.it
We produce four types of wine which are typical for this area, the Eastern Hills: Refosco dal pe-duncolo rosso, Verduzzo, Bianco, Rosè which we bottle close to our farm under the title: Identifica-zione Geografica Protetta – IGP 

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Refosco dal peduncolo rosso 12,5%

With a marvelous red-purple color, a wine perfumed by suìsui (wild cherries with a slightly bitter taste). Of slow maturation, aged a few months in oak barrels and then in a stainless steel tank. The taste is at its best after two years. A tannic and austere wine aging well, for red meats, some species of river or sea fat fish and cheese. But also at the end of a winter’s dinner with dark chocolate as a dessert – serve 14°/18°;

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Bianco Friulano 12%

The dry white wine of Friuli. Straw-yellow colored, almond aftertaste, excellent alone or with appetizers and with raw ham (of San Daniele obviously), risotto, fish. Serve at 10°/12°

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Verduzzo 13%

This original wine from Friuli is of a golden/amber colour. You can vinify it both dry and slightly sweet. We prefer it dry. For a white wine it has a high level of alcohol and tannin. The honey taste goes well with strong cheeses and some  ypes of boiled sausages (like our cotechino = “muset”): the fun is in the contrasts of flavors. If drunk with dessert, than only with dry desserts. It is also a wine for meditation. Serve at 10 °/14 °.

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Rosè - Rosae 11,5%

A rosè wine from grapes of Merlot and Refosco, colore cerasuolo or “cherry red”. A pleasant and fruity odor– tastes dry and smooth, good for antipasti with fish or olives, with rabbit meat and also with cakes as dessert wine – serve at  0/12°… in Italy in summertime also less!